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Insurance Recruiting the Real Deal With Tony Canas from Jacobson Group

Posted on October 21, 2021 by Alex Arellano

Insurance Recruiting the Real Deal With Tony Canas from Jacobson Group

In this episode of the Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Agent podcast, host Kelly Donahue-Piro talks about recruiting in insurance with Tony Canas from Jacobson Group.


Episode Highlights:

  • Tony makes his introduction by sharing how he started in the industry. (1:36)
  • Tony answers Kelly’s question about insurance staffing. (6:03)
  • Tony and Kelly discuss the industry’s remote side. (13:51)
  • Tony discusses his ideas for an employee training program. (21:47)
  • Tony responds to Kelly’s question on how he keeps people happy in their current situation. (29:54)
  • Tony elaborates his understanding of the concept of leadership culture. (35:38)
  • Tony shares what his company does to make their employees stay. (40:59)
  • Tony shares his side and takes on having a recruiter in an agency. (44:11)
  • Tony gives reasons why outsourcing is also important. (49:42)
  • Tony shares his personal podcast, Profiles In Risk. (53:09)


Key Quotes:

  • “If I want to take a 45 minute commute or if I’m going to take a two hour flight, don’t make me do it just to do my day job, right? Let’s do training, let’s do strategic work, let’s do an outing, let’s go team building, let’s do the things that benefit from me being in person.” – Tony Canas
  • “If you’ve never been led by a really great leader, it’s really hard to understand leadership.” – Kelly Donahue-Piro
  • “It is definitely a culture where people stay with us because the company gives them the flexibility to be great parents, and still have a great job and a great career.” – Tony Canas
  • “It could really be summarized to be intentional. Be flexible and be intentional. They should be in the office for a reason, not to do their day job.” Tony
  • “When you get to a certain size you should make a key hire every year.” Kelly


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