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Insurance Cross-Selling Strategy – LEE – Look

Posted on July 19, 2021 by Alex Arellano

Insurance Cross-Selling Strategy

We’re continuing our deep-dive into insurance cross-selling, and we want to start with a question: does your team have an insurance cross-selling strategy? We have an excellent strategy which can help you maximize your ability to cross-sell, which you can easily adopt. It’s the acronym “LEE,” which stands for “Look,” “Educate,” “Encourage.” Today, we’re going to talk about that first word, look.

“All-too-often we’re so focused on new business that we forget about our current customers, and we get so caught up in all the things we have to do for the day we don’t always take time.”


Here’s why “looking” is one of the most crucial things you can do when you’re speaking with a customer:


  • You’ll slow down to speed up: Spending time looking at each account carefully is the epitome of one of our favorite sayings, slow down to speed up. Much of the time, agents shy away from cross-selling because they have the false belief that they don’t have time to cross sell. But when you slow down to speed up, you take time to look at each account individually, and might see opportunities you would have otherwise missed. 


  • You might find something interesting: When you look at each account carefully, you’ll likely find some interesting details. For example, they might have had a quote in the past, or a policy that was cancelled. All of these details can help you start the process of cross-selling in a very organic way.


  • You can develop a strategy: When you start to look at each account carefully, you can come up with your own strategy or ritual to make the process easier. Following this ritual every time you speak with a client can help you thoroughly look at each account, and start that process of cross-selling.


We don’t always get the chance to speak with clients, and when we do, it can be an amazing opportunity to cross-sell. For example, in personal lines, clients talk to their agents once every three years. But by coming up with a plan, your agency can start to take advantage of these valuable cross-selling opportunities.


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