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How to Set Insurance Goals: 2 Goals Reasonable and Audacious

Posted on November 30, 2021 by Alex Arellano

How to Set Insurance Goals: 2 Goals Reasonable and Audacious

For today’s video we’re once again joined by Heath Shearon, the newest member of the APP team and an expert on today’s topic of setting reasonable and audacious goals for your insurance agency. 

As we head into a new year we’re talking about what everybody is talking about right now, setting goals. Everybody will set New Year’s resolutions. I’ll lose 25 pounds, I want to stop smoking, I want to quit drinking. I want to go to church more. I want to be a better parent, whatever that may be. But have you set those goals as an agency owner? Have you set those goals as an insurance professional?“

As we head into the new year, it’s important to think about setting goals for yourself, and for your agency. But you can’t just set vague or arbitrary goals, such as growing your business or writing more policies. While those might seem like solid goals upfront, they leave a lot of room for guesswork. 

Instead, it’s important to be specific with your goals. To do so, we recommend picking two goals: a stretch goal, and what we call your Big Hairy Audacious Goal, or BHAG. In other words, pick one goal that you would be happy to hit, and one that would downright astound you.

Why pick reasonable and audacious goals for your insurance agency? It’s important to set goals in general, but it’s especially important to have that stretch goal to work towards. While it might seem unattainable, when you set this goal, you can take steps every single day to get there. You’ll be focused on tasks that help you achieve those goals, and even if you ultimately don’t hit them, you’ll be much farther along than if you never tried going for them at all. 


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