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How to Sell Insurance to the Janitorial Industry

Niche insurance marketing is a great way to attract larger commercial accounts. The janitorial industry generally has sizable premiums due to workers’ compensation claims, commercial auto and the scale of the operations. Attracting janitorial clients takes a targeted and consistent approach to brand your agency as a leader in working with this industry.

Industry Overview

  • Industry has grown 3.2% in the past 5 years
  • $61 billion dollar industry in 2018
  • 917,000 janitorial firms in the US
  • 1.93 Million employees in the industry
  • Janitorial Services in the US industry consists of residential cleaning, standard commercial cleaning (except medical and industrial), hospitals and medical offices, exterior window cleaning, floor care services, industrial cleaning and damage restoration cleaning
  • ServiceMaster and ABM Industries account for 15%-20% of the total industry

Top Insurance Challenges for the Janitorial Industry

In the janitorial industry there are several factors that make job sites unsafe which can drive up claims:

  • Handling cleaning chemicals
  • Moving heavy equipment
  • Operating power tools
  • Cleaning public spaces

In addition, many employees in the janitorial industry have varied language skills and dialects. Also, literacy can be a challenge for safety training. Many workers need safety training to make sure they are safely cleaning the locations they are assigned to.

In addition, the following are the top claims:

  • Damage to customer property: When using equipment and chemicals, any damage to a customer’s property is the responsibility of the the cleaning company. This can include damage to floors and valuables.
  • Third-Party Bodily Injury: If when cleaning an employee of the building slips and falls, the janitorial company is held liable for medical expenses.
  • Chemical Exposure:  Many janitorial firms use heavy chemicals and if they are stored improperly, the janitorial business can be held liable for pollution damages,
  • Employee Occupational Injuries: Since many employees are on their feet and conduct physical labor, bodily injuries are common due to the nature of the work. Work place injuries are the responsibility of the employer.

Ways Insurance Agencies Can Solve These Challenges

When you know the challenges of your niche you, as their agent, can help them run a safer and more profitable operation. Here are a few value added services your agency can help provide:

  • Workplace Safety Training: With better training and a workplace safety manual you can limit costly workers’ compensation claims. Training should be in multiple languages and be visual as literacy skills can be limited. Trainings can be around what protective gear to wear, proper lifting, equipment operations and more.
  • Caution Signs: Providing caution signs for work sites can help janitorial companies mark where passersby need to be cautious. When people see the areas they can avoid them and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Chemical Storage: Depending on the type of building they are cleaning providing, signs and training on chemical storage can be important. For example, having signs for dangerous chemicals can reduce the chance of accidents.

Interested in building a niche marketing program? Start with a solid brand that will attract the right opportunities:
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Attracting Janitorial Insurance Opportunities

Janitorial companies have consistent dealings with their insurance agents as they often need certificates and have unfortunate claims. Many insurance agencies can provide the same value added services and nurturing these opportunities is the key to success. Every relationship has highs and lows. Your goal is to be in position when their current agent struggles. As team members change and companies change guidelines etc., janitorial companies can experience changes in services.

Agencies need to provide value to janitorial businesses to attract brand awareness. Janitorial companies can’t get a quote from you if they do not know you exist. Insurance agencies need to have a strong networking and database marketing strategy. Every producer should be actively adding contacts to their database to send routine valuable communications to. In addition, a routine calling strategy will help you be there right when they may need you! If your agency needs scripts on how to attract and tackle this industry consider our AppX Sales Program:

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