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How to Lead an Insurance Agency

Posted on June 10, 2022 by Alex Arellano

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How to Lead an Insurance Agency: Have a 10 Year Roadmap

How well do you know how to lead your insurance agency? If you’re an agency leader, this may seem like a silly question to ask yourself. But all this week, we’re talking about this topic mainly geared towards agency leaders, owners, and anyone in a leadership role. And yes, we’re diving deep into exactly how to lead an insurance agency, with our four strategies. 

“Many of us, we went to college and we learned a set of skills, maybe it was business, maybe it was marketing, maybe it was accounting, and then we kinda got sucked into this crazy thing called the insurance space. Now, whether your parents had an agency or family, or you found it on your own, one of the things is that no one really teaches you leadership.”


How to Lead an Insurance Agency: Share the Metrics

Agency leaders, this one’s for you. All this week we’re diving into exactly how to lead your agency, and today, we’re talking all about metrics.

“But the biggest thing in there that I think is important and I wanna dive into for a minute today is share those [metrics’. I don’t know why so many agencies are afraid to do that, but in the spirit of transparency and being open with your agency, I think a lot of that’s going on right now, I think it’s huge to share in that and to let your team know what’s going on, where you’re at.”


How to Lead an Insurance Agency: Be Looking at the Next 2 Years

Let’s face it: leadership in insurance agencies is tough, and most of the time, it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Most of us came to insurance through different means, and from different places and backgrounds. And because of that, most of us also need to learn how to actually lead our insurance agencies. Today’s topic is about not only responding to problems, but also living in the future.

“If you can have other team members help with the day to day, the leader really needs to be looking out ahead of the skis and what might be happening and be building strategies and strategic visions around that. That’s how you’ll really grow.”


How to Lead an Insurance Agency: Share the Plan

Owners, managers, and agency leaders, this week’s series is specifically for you. We’ve been honing in on the nitty-gritty details, because, let’s face it: most of us were never actually taught how to lead insurance agencies. 

“Leaders always develop other leaders. Leaders are always looking to impart their knowledge, their wisdom, their experience on other people to develop other leaders.”


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