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Firing Unprofitable Insurance Customers – 8 Ways Insurance Agencies Make Money

Posted on October 7, 2021 by Alex Arellano

Firing Unprofitable Insurance Customers – 8 Ways Insurance Agencies Make Money

Something that can make this industry so enjoyable is the clients you serve, but they can also make things extremely difficult. No one wants to let go of clients and have those conversations. If we could, we would keep and help them all.

Sadly, it doesn’t work like that. 

There are times when a client is so difficult to work with that your entire office morale plummets when they call or come in. They aren’t being dramatic. Some people are really just that difficult. 

So, as much as firing unprofitable clients can be difficult, keeping them can be so much harder. They need things done, changed, or adjusted all the time and those are never things they really pay for. The icing on this cake is that they are usually mean, too. We aren’t saying they get a little curt when things don’t work out, we are talking about people who will stay on the phone for two hours being outright rude to every person they speak to.

It makes you wonder what you could do with all of that lost time. Maybe, you could invest it into more sales training for your team or management training for your leaders. The ultimate question is…


Can You Make Up Those Losses?

Absolutely. Usually, those kinds of clients are time and resource vacuums. You’d have all of that time and energy to reinvest and those “losses” will be made up, doubled, and tripled in no time. 


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