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Posted on October 31, 2022 by Camille Maraguinot

Empowering your NON-Licensed Customer Service team to engage in cross-selling, referral, and review activities.

Sales is often a dirty word for more service-minded team members. Usually, if someone has a choice, they will choose service because there’s no obligation, and they don’t have to hear the word “no.”

Also, many service team members prefer to take requests rather than make requests. To help clarify, many service team members are comfortable handling service requests; when we ask them to make recommendations, they can get a little overwhelmed.

We focus with account managers on being an educator and having the heart of a teacher. There are ways to sell without selling.

If you are a service agent, you don’t have to “make numbers,” so there’s less pressure.

Overall if selling is looked at as hard, it will be, but we have to change it from selling to building rapport and educating our clients to understand what they need. Account managers and unlicensed staff can use their stories to take clients to places where they realize they need better or more coverage.

People never think they’re natural salespeople. But most extroverts are good salespeople, depending on how they look at things. You can sell someone something by telling them your experience with the item or service, educating them, and referring them. Not necessarily always having sales in mind.

Many licensed and unlicensed customer representatives shy away from sales. They don’t always see themselves as salespeople.

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