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Customer Experience in Insurance Claims

Posted on February 9, 2022 by Alex Arellano

Insurance Claims to Boost New Business: Customer Experience

For today’s 3 Minute Video, we’re diving deep into the topic of insurance customer experience. And when is it really your time to shine as an agency and make a difference when it comes to experience? During customer claims. 

“Claims – this is the only time people actually use your product. So I really want you to think of the spotlight being on you.”


Think about it: this is the only time that people actually use your product, and the spotlight is on you. Think of it as your Superbowl. It’s the time to perform, and the time to be there for your customers. 


In order to maximize the insurance customer experience during claims, there are some things you can do. These include:


  • Picking up the phone warmly or greeting customers with a smile
  • Finding the right person in your agency to handle the claim
  • Asking if your customer is okay
  • Listening to what your customer is saying
  • Calling your customer the next day to check back in
  • Having a different process for common claims and catastrophic claims, when more people are likely more severely impacted


There’s an art to balancing listening to your customers during what is likely a time of crisis, and getting that story to carriers. But sometimes, claims get logged, and then the agents are hands off. And the true benefit of your agency likely isn’t price cuts, but it’s during the moment of claims. And the way you show up for your clients during claims can greatly impact the insurance customer experience.


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