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Agency Performance Assessment: Is Your Team Loyal?

Posted on February 24, 2015 by Kelly Donahue Piro

In my work as an insurance consultant, team loyalty is critical. When you have the right team you want to keep them both in their seat as well as keeping them happy! As we all know finding new talent is a long term strategy. It takes time, effort and energy to find the best of the best. However, as an agency owner, wouldn’t you like to know just how loyal your team really is?

As part of our Agency Performance AssessmentTM we actually ask this and several other hard questions. The assessment is done completely anonymously and you would be surprised the comments and responses we receive once the team knows their identities are protected. The Agency Performance AssessmentTM  can be a very eye opening experience.  You can also review one of our case studies on Rey Insurance to learn more.

So when it comes down to loyalty, how loyal do you think most agency team members are? The results may shock you!

  • Team members felt that 85.04% of agency ownership was very loyal (that they would not entertain another opportunity)
  • When polled, responders felt that 75% of the time agency team members were only moderately loyal. Meaning they would explore another opportunity if it came along. They viewed only 19.69% of their peers to be very loyal.
  • 51.18% of people polled said that they themselves are very loyal, that they would not entertain another opportunity if one came along. While 48.03% of people said they themselves are moderately loyal.

From this we can conclude that many people view their team 75%  as moderately loyal, however individually those number increase, whereas over half the staff feels very loyal to the agency.  What we can assume is that agency loyalty is high. You can use these numbers to help boost the change you want to see in your agency.

In many agencies there is one sacred cow. Someone we always bring up in every discussion. How will it affect them, what will they think?  This person is generally a cancer inside of the organization. In fact, the agency spends so much time, effort and money on concerns about them that it clogs the entire system.  The bottom line is that person is most likely not loyal, and if they don’t like a change that benefits your customers, the team and the agency do you really want them on your team?

Stop worrying about them and start worrying about growing the agency!