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4 Problems Insurance Agency Job Descriptions Fix (And Why This Needs to Be A Top Priority!

Posted on April 5, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

4 Problems Insurance Agency Job Descriptions Fix

Insurance agency job descriptions may not be something you pay much mind to, and we want to change that. That’s because in our experience, two things are true about insurance agency job descriptions: they’re often poorly written, and also crucial to an agency that’s Ridiculously Amazing.

“Here’s a dirty little secret – we’ve found this is true. We’ve found that team members actually want job descriptions, they want to know what a good job is, they want it to be clear.”

Why do we say that? These job descriptions play a huge role in problem solving at agencies. And we’ve found that 50% of the agencies we work with don’t have accurate job descriptions. Here are the top four challenges that come with insurance agency job descriptions:


  • Payroll can become a massive expense when unmanaged

You need to embrace the idea that payroll will end up being your biggest expense if it’s not managed properly, and if you’re not posting excellent insurance agency job descriptions. That’s because you’ll have people in roles who aren’t closing as many deals as they should be, you won’t be making as much money as possible, and there will be scuffles and infighting among team members. Not only that, but you’ll also have much lower productivity.


  • Agencies struggle with accountability

At agencies, management can struggle with accountability, but we also see it among team members, if there’s lackluster job descriptions. People will start to self-police, tasks can get very messy and murky, and everyone will operate on their own values. When you have great job descriptions, you can not only use them during performance reviews, but also turn to them when challenges arise.


  • Many descriptions don’t focus on outcomes

Many insurance agency job descriptions are just plain awful. There, we said it. When we’re writing these descriptions, we really want to emphasize outcomes and focus on goals. We don’t want to just say that a candidate should just process endorsements and take payments. We want to be much more colorful and focus on deliverability, which then drives accountability.


  • Balls are dropped and fingers are pointed

This may be the most costly part of not having great insurance agency job descriptions. When the ball is dropped, it becomes a circus. Management gets involved, clients are upset, everyone is pointing fingers. When roles and assignments are super clear, issues can be quickly resolved, and we end up treating our clients better in the long run.


Here’s a dirty little secret we’ve found to be true: team members actually want clear job descriptions. They want to know what their job is, they want their roles and assignments to be clear. If you are starting to feel like everyone around you does a little bit of everything, that should be a red flag that you need to provide clarity on roles.


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