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4 Insurance Agency Processes

Posted on June 11, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

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Process For Stopping an Insurance Cancellation

All this week we’re going to be focusing on four processes your insurance agency definitely needs, and our first one is a process for stopping an insurance cancellation.

If somebody doesn’t feel cared about when they leave, they certainly aren’t gonna wanna come back.”

You’ve likely had to deal with an insurance cancellation before, and it’s not always the most comfortable or natural situation to deal with. What you might not realize is that this might be the case because your agency simply doesn’t have a process for stopping an insurance cancellation, and instead, lets clients walk right out of the door. If your agency is not equipped with the right scripts or process for stopping cancelations, this situation can be overwhelming, and your agents are unlikely to save those customers.


Personal Insurance Change Process

All this week we’re diving into processes your agency needs, and today we’re jumping into the debate involving a personal lines endorsement checklist. Does your agency have a personal insurance change process for the entire team to follow? This is often a debate within agencies, because many agents like to take the “winging it” approach. While we understand why seasoned employees would feel that a checklist simply slows them down, we say that you need to take away the autopilot mode, and have everyone utilize a checklist.

Checklists make everything uniform… this is going to help you cross sell, improve coverage, and not just take a change and make it a transaction.”


Retargeting Unsold Insurance Quotes

There are many processes your agency really needs in order to be Ridiculously Amazing, and today we’re talking about one that many agencies struggle with. Do you go back after lost customers or unsold quotes? This is a topic that tends to give people a lot of trouble, but the truth is that unsold quotes can be a great source of new business for your agency.

“We barely have enough time to do the things we need to do, let alone go back after lost quotes, but at the end of the day a small investment in this can really pay off.”


4 Processes Your Agency Needs

Today we’re onto the next process your agency needs, and this one might throw you for a loop. That’s because it’s something that many of us are not great at, and that’s setting goals for your agency. 

“Goals often get a bad rap because too many people feel “It’s too much. I don’t like it. It’s pressure.” But it doesn’t always have to be pressure if it’s presented in the right way.”

When it comes to insurance goal setting, many agencies take the “let’s wing it” approach, and just work off of feelings. But this approach can mean that your agency is missing out on some big opportunities, and there are plenty of data points available which can help you on your journey to insurance goals setting.


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