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4 Insurance Agency Processes: Personal Insurance Change Process

Posted on June 8, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Personal Insurance Change Process

All this week we’re diving into processes your agency needs, and today we’re jumping into the debate involving a personal lines endorsement checklist. Does your agency have a personal insurance change process for the entire team to follow? This is often a debate within agencies, because many agents like to take the “winging it” approach. While we understand why seasoned employees would feel that a checklist simply slows them down, we say that you need to take away the autopilot mode, and have everyone utilize a checklist.

Checklists make everything uniform… this is going to help you cross sell, improve coverage, and not just take a change and make it a transaction.”

Why is that? One of the main reasons is that you don’t want everyone doing things differently. When everyone is on autopilot, they’ll have their own way of doing things.


Here are some other reasons why you should develop a personal insurance change process.

Do you want to be fast or right?

Do you want to be the agency that just gets everything done quickly, or do you want to be the agency that gets everything right? We often work with agencies that want to be both, especially when it comes to seemingly small changes. But here’s the deal: to your clients, even these “small changes” are a big deal. A checklist will help you work through all of the questions. When someone changes a car, instead of simply processing the request, an agency with a personal insurance change process will say “Hey do we need to check on the garage thing?” “Do we need to check on the driver?” “Do we need to check on the mileage?” “Do we wanna make sure we have the auto lienholder correct?”


Lists are great for every level of employee

We know that checklists are great for a new employee that’s just learning, but what about a seasoned team that’s a little more resistant to change? Think of it this way: every time before a pilot takes off, they run through an official checklist. Even the most senior pilots follow this procedure, and we think the same rules should apply to all insurance agency employees. Winging it leads to more issues than it does solutions.


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