Performance Training Day

When's the last time you had a sales training for your team? If it's been a while, you aren't alone - here are some eye-opening facts: more than half of all agencies report that their staff have never had sales training, and more than 80% of agencies don't provide training for their team. That’s astonishing.  Nothing boosts sales faster and better than sales training, and nothing has a quicker ROI.

If your agency needs a quick refresher, a sales booster shot, a best-practices update or to focus on a specific sales challenge, our one-day Performance Training is just what you need.

These hands-on training sessions are particularly great for agencies that have already participated in 6-month AppX Sales or Retention Trainings, but that's not a prerequisite -- any agency can engage Agency Performance Partners for training.  In fact, if you’re on the fence about working with Agency Performance Partners for an Agency Assessment or AppX training modules, our one-day sessions is a great way to kick the tires and test-drive our services.

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It's easy to get started. Here’s the process:

  • Book a training day
  • Work with our Performance Consultant to identify your topic and objectives
  • Use the workbooks and scripts we provide for your team
  • Take action and make team commitments
  • Adjust your procedures with guidance from our post-training follow-up

Here are some of the sessions we offer, but if you have other objectives, give us a call to talk over your needs.

Sample Performance Trainings

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Retention
  • Leadership
  • Customers' Experience


Get a taste of some of what we cover in performance training by watching our IAOA Sales Webinar we hosted.  If you are concerned about team buy in, leave it to us. We are experts on rallying the troops and getting everyone on board.