Appx Marketing

AppX Marketing is our action-oriented coaching and consulting service that helps you prioritize, build and implement a performance-based marketing plan that works hand-in-hand with your sales efforts. All too often, marketing and sales exist in completely separate silos. AppX Marketing works with your agency to bring the sales and marketing teams together to produce powerful results.

We start with an assessment of your current marketing efforts, processes and metrics. We work with your marketing manager to build the strategies, allocate the budget, establish performance metrics and review results. One very important process links your marketing efforts to your sales strategy, yoking them together to work in unison. This happens when marketing informs, coordinates with and provides tools to sales staff to maximize campaign results. This might entail goal-sharing, scripts, letters and other tools to help sales act on marketing campaigns.

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  • Custom In Brand Email Template
  • Branded Social Media Template
  • Social Media Cover Image
  • Design WordPress Landing Page Template
  • Canvas for Business Set Up
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  • Database Nurturing Email
  • 2 Technical Custom Insurance Blogs
  • 2 Community/Agency Focused Blogs
  • Week Day Social Media Post
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Reporting
  • Email Signature Design via WiseStamp
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  • Monthly Freemium Download & Email
  • Monthly Prospect Nurturing Email From Blog Content
  • 2 Technical Custom Insurance Blogs
  • Content Sharing on Producer's Social Media
  • Campaign Reporting

Bring new hires up to speed

If you don’t have an in-house marketing person, we’ll work with you to find and train an internal social media engineer to take your marketing to the next level. One scenario we frequently see are agencies that have an experienced marketer in place, but that person has no insurance agency experience. We have a 6-month program to work with new or existing marketing managers to help them build strategy and get on the right track so that your marketing and sales efforts coordinate smoothly. We ensure that your marketing boosts your sales efforts rather than bogging things down.

Get results with social marketing

Today, the focus of insurance agency marketing is more hands-on than ever before. Social media is an ongoing conversation with your customer about your insurance agency. Many agencies don’t understand these powerful platforms and how to capitalize on them to drive new business and reinforce retention efforts. We work with you to assess your current marketing efforts and partner with you enhance your platforms. We train your team on digital marketing basics, as well as goal-setting and expectations. We also get hands-on, working with you to jump-start your social channels to get them up and running.

How we build performance-based marketing

We work with your marketing personnel to:

  • Assess and review current practices
  • Build the strategy and plans
  • Allocate budget
  • Build the marketing tool chest
  • Create the calendar
  • Identify tracking metrics
  • Coach and consult
  • Review results

Optional: Outsource your marketing

If your agency doesn’t have a dedicated marketing person, Agency Appeal can serve as your outsourced chief marketing officer. Agency Appeal is our branding and marketing communication service.  Wherever your agency is on the branding spectrum, we can help you up your game. We’re not your typical insurance agency marketing solution. We’re a boutique branding and identity firm partnering with you to make you successful. We produce, source or project manage all the marketing tools, materials or services you need to execute your plan.


Learn more about our AppX Marketing Experience and how it has transformed agencies just like you. If you are concerned about team buy in, leave it to us. We are experts on ralleying the troops and getting everyone on board.