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Press & Media

If you are interested in Kelly being on your podcast, speaking at your event or authoring an article, please email us at kelly@agencyperformancepartners.com.

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Topics I love to discuss:

  • Agency retention strategies
  • How to consistently cross sell to your current book of business
  • What we learned from 300 secret shopper calls
  • Top 10 Objectives Insurance Agencies Need to Embrace
  • Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Sales Process
  • 5 Insurance Agency Time Management Hacks
  • How Valuable is Your Insurance Agency’s Brand?
  • How to Turn Every Inbound Call Into Opportunity



Don’ let your brand be bland Be involved in your agency’s promotion

For many agents, they didn’t go to school to learn marketing and branding, but in today’s world having the ability to get the attention of your target audience is critical. Over $7 billion is spent on advertising in insurance each year—which can buy a lot of awareness. What this means is big carriers are paying to have your clients know they exist. However, the Main Street agency still can create local awareness in their community through branding.