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Press & Media

If you are interested in Kelly being on your podcast, speaking at your event or authoring an article, please email us at kelly@agencyperformancepartners.com.

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Topics I love to discuss:

  • Agency retention strategies
  • How to consistently cross sell to your current book of business
  • What we learned from 300 secret shopper calls
  • Top 10 Objectives Insurance Agencies Need to Embrace
  • Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Sales Process
  • 5 Insurance Agency Time Management Hacks
  • How Valuable is Your Insurance Agency’s Brand?
  • How to Turn Every Inbound Call Into Opportunity


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Getting Buy-In At Your Insurance Agency

Leadership Tip: Finding The Best People For Your Insurance Agency

Asking Your Insurance Customer for the Business

How to Handle an Insurance Rate Increase Call

Email Your Sale Goodbye

As an agent you must stop building sales processes around what is easy for you and start doing what is best to close the business and win the client to your team.

One of the areas we battle with agents on is emailing the quote to clients. In my experience, when you email the quote you are basically telling the client to figure their insurance out all on their own. We create a price shopper because we have not provided the value of our expertise.

Smarketing and Why Your Agency Needs It

What? Another marketing term to learn? You barely have time as it is to keep up! Learning about Smarketing is well worth your time though. With a well-run Smarketing strategy you can maximize every opportunity. Smarketing is the perfect marriage between sales and marketing. When sales and marketing get married we see ridiculously amazing results. Let us show you how!