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Press & Media

If you are interested in Kelly being on your podcast, speaking at your event or authoring an article, please email us at kelly@agencyperformancepartners.com.

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Topics I love to discuss:

  • Agency retention strategies
  • How to consistently cross sell to your current book of business
  • What we learned from 300 secret shopper calls
  • Top 10 Objectives Insurance Agencies Need to Embrace
  • Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Sales Process
  • 5 Insurance Agency Time Management Hacks
  • How Valuable is Your Insurance Agency’s Brand?
  • How to Turn Every Inbound Call Into Opportunity


Age of Indiependence Podcast: What Your Team Isn’t Telling You Through Big Changes

In this episode of the Agency Intelligence podcast miniseries, Age of Indiependence, host Katlyn Eggar interviews Kelly Donahue-Piro, President at Agency Performance Partners. Kelly talks about the key challenges agencies face, how you should invest in your team and why it’s helpful to have an outside perspective to help your agency transform.

Listen Here: https://bit.ly/32n3LXw

The Standard: Holding Your Team Accountable During A Pandemic

In the words of Mike Tyson, “Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face.” This quote I have thought about a lot in 2020. It seems like every turn of this year has been the next level of Hunger Games, and as a business owner, it often seemed that my plan for the year and jello had a lot in common. In the insurance space we faced working remotely, commercial clients crying financial ruin and a staff that was changing vehicles and homeschooling at the same time. We all were on the verge of both laughing and crying on almost any given day. As we continue to face our new normal, it’s time to get back into a plan with goals and accountability that looks different than it has in years past.

Never Busy, Always Productive: Special Guest on The Insurance Town Podcast with Heath Shearon

This week the mayor sat down with Kelly Donahue Piro. The two of them had a super fun and incredibly informative conversation. Kelly took us down memory lane and discussed her story from getting in the insurance industry to where she is today helping insurance agencies to become ridiculously amazing !

They discuss working the ideas around “being busy” and what that looks like in an agency. Kelly talks to agency owners and their staff about efficiencies and process and procedures to be more productive and also discussed with us her consulting business.