Thank You For Attending Our Workshop at NetVU New England!

We are excited to give you access to the presentations from our NetVU New England workshop, as promised! Below, find all that you need. We hope you will take these back to your teams!

Time Management as it Relates to Your Management System

Are you sick of the word “busy” in your agency? Everyone is incredibly busy, but we should be striving each and every day to be productive. In working with agencies, we have found many areas where agency team members can improve time management to help free themselves up to do the proactive work that truly matters.

Day 1

In the first presentation, we covered: 

  • Time Management Stats
  • Challenges with Time Management in Insurance
  • Time Management Solutions that Work

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Day 2

In the second presentation, we covered:

  • Time Management with Documentation
  • Reducing Remarketing
  • Handling the Time Tidal Waves

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