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Top Insurance Speaking Topics for Your Upcoming Insurance Event

Posted on April 7, 2024 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Insurance Event Speaking Topics 2024

As an insurance speaker attending 30-40 events per year, I’m often asked about the top speaking topics in demand. What do audiences in the insurance sector want to hear about? 

Although preferences can vary, I’d like to share the top 5 topics in 2024 that are consistently sought after across the industry, according to our experiences at Agency Performance Partners. This list is particularly useful for insurance associations, networks, carriers, and larger agencies planning training events.

Before we dive in, let’s discuss the hard market. In 2023, this was the topic – however, many people are experiencing ‘”hard market fatigue”. We are all a bit sick of hearing about it. In fact, it reminds me a bit of Covid times. 

Yet, it’s important to make this clear: despite the fatigue agency leaders may feel (which I believe stems from a lack of tools and solutions), our front-line teams still need the resources to handle the second year of the market. 

The first year was about learning and adapting; the second year is proving to be tougher. It’s vital for both front-line teams and leaders to find ways to manage this ongoing challenge. 

We suggest not dwelling on the term “hard market” or focusing solely on topics that are specific to the second year of the hard market, to convey to attendees that they can expect fresh insights.

The reality is, that while the hard market acts as a catalyst, it’s evident from the top insurance-speaking topics that this situation is highlighting several core agency challenges that must be addressed. 

Currently, we’re observing agencies in search of the tools they should have been implementing even before the onset of a hard market. Indeed, those agencies that had already adopted some of these strategies are not just surviving, but thriving. 

Let’s work together to give your attendees the tools they need to thrive.

Topic #1: Road To 96% Retention

Yes! 96% retention is possible with the right strategy. We walk through the 7 key recommendations essential for driving retention, whether in a hard market or more stable times.  We encourage agencies to adopt both short-term retention strategies and long-term plans. 

insurance event retention


  • Having a Cancellation Save & Recycle Process
  • WOW Customer Service Approach
  • Agency Standards (don’t write bad business)
  • Sharing & Perfecting Metrics
  • Renewal Review Calls
  • Selling On Value Not Price
  • Client Nurturing

By having your agencies focus on retention, they can overcome several challenges presented by a hard market, which is sure to be a hit at your insurance event!

Topic 2: Navigating Rate Hikes: How To Have the Rate Increase Conversation

insurance event rate increase

This is a great insurance event topic that marries the hard market but is also something that we have struggled with as insurance agents – how to defend the rate the carrier has selected. In this topic, we address the need for confidence and how to approach the question that agents are faced with daily – why did my rate go up? 


It’s important to remember, it’s just a question! We walk through our perfect rate increase script, why it works, and role-play how to deliver it to your clients. This session includes downloadable resources of the presentation and script, so it can be easily shared with your agency!

Topic 3: Your Agency Process Roadmap How To Create, Roll Out & Train Your Team

Processes and procedures, while not a sexy topic, are essential. In a hard market, there is more work to do and, let’s be honest, not enough time. When agencies believe in having clear processes and procedures, it makes a difference in the team’s ability to thrive. However, many agencies find it challenging to establish these processes and don’t know where to start. 

insurance event process

In this session, we’ll cover how to develop a process, implement it, and ensure it’s embraced by your team. This session includes:

  • Process template for agencies to use
  • Sample process on how to route phone calls in an agency
  • Scripts
  • 1-page process overview
  • Process setup questions
  • Discount for the APP Process Pack of 10 Agency Processes 

Topic 4: 12 Time Management Strategies For Insurance Agents

Since starting in the insurance and financial services sector at 18, it was immediately apparent that everyone claimed to be busy. That was the first thing I heard on my first day of work. 

Being “busy” is not a plan, it’s a grievance. In our work with agencies, it’s evident that while everyone is busy, productivity is often lacking. I’d even argue that time management training should be a priority in high school, perhaps even over trigonometry! 

Time is our most valuable resource—everyone has the same amount, and in a hard market, maximizing efficiency is more important than ever. 

Here is a sample of the 12 strategies we discuss:

  • Eat the Frog
  • Slow Down to Speed Up
  • 2-Minute Rule
  • If It’s Not in the Management System, It Didn’t Happen
  • High Service Low Premium / Low Service High Premium Customers

To learn more, check out our Speaker Kit!

Topic 5: Leading The Charge: How to Lead Your Team in A Hard Market

While this topic includes the concept of a hard market, it focuses on tried-and-true leadership strategies that we should be doing at all times. Leading an agency nowadays requires a shift from peacetime to wartime leadership strategies. 

Now is the time every team needs a strong and passionate leader. However, the specifics of leading effectively in a hard market are rarely taught. We need to lead our teams well to avoid the risk of losing team members, which would only compound our challenges. 

This session includes valuable resources such as:

  • Our Recommended Incentive Plan
  • Favorite Things Document for Team Members
  • 1:1 Meeting Templates
  • Sample Metrics to Share
  • Our 15 Leadership Strategies 

While these are the hot topics that we are getting booked for weekly, I also wanted to share with you a few rising topics that are gaining momentum!

Rising Topic: How To Hold Your Team Accountable Without Fear Of People Leaving

I love this topic! Accountability can be challenging for a variety of reasons, such as fear of someone quitting, lacking clear processes and job descriptions, not tracking progress, or the intimidation of tough conversations.  

Yet, accountability is key to success. Without it, an agency stagnates, and surprisingly, you might end up losing your best people. 

Let’s aim for a culture of healthy accountability instead. We’ll guide you through methods for holding your teams accountable in a way that doesn’t feel like being summoned to the principal’s office.

Niche Topic: Insuring Your Best Self: Living The Life You Want (For Women’s Events)

The ladies of insurance are making moves. We are seeing more women’s events and groups forming and we are here for it! As a women-owned business, supporting women in insurance is a key topic for us. 

We need to remember that many insurance team members are female. Understanding their needs can help your agency thrive. In this session, we get real personal and raw on how women can get the exact life they want with a little push in the right direction. 

Conclusion On Insurance Event Speaking Topics

You invest a lot of time into putting on a great insurance event. To truly impress your attendees, it’s important to have the right speakers to WOW your attendees. With Agency Performance Partners speaking at your event, we bring a solid process to make your event ridiculously amazing. 

Our approach includes exclusive giveaways, instant QR codes for immediate access to session content, and our speakers’ commitment to stick around and network with your attendees, among other perks. 

For more details, please check out our other speaking topics. We’re eager to contribute to the success of your next event.

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