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Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Podcast – The Importance of Time Management in the Workplace

In today’s episode we discuss the importance of time management when working at our jobs as well as in our personal lives. As Dave says, the first week of July is the first week of the second half of the year – this gives us an opportunity to look back on the year and understand what went well and what can be improved. One of the most important yet overlooked aspects of working at an agency is time management, and this is something we’re looking to work on for the second half of the year.

The first issue is email inbox. Dave explains that you should treat your inbox like air traffic control, taking action on an email as soon as you see it. This means sending it to the right subfolder, replying or simply deleting. You should have 0 emails in your inbox after going through them, so turn off email notifications and only check it when you’re in a position to take action.

The other issue that bogs people down are suspense accounts. It’s important to always be on top of suspenses and not play the endless game of delaying each task and accumulating weeks of accounts. The only suspenses on your list should be the ones you will be working through today – ideally to be done on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Task prioritization is another issue and one of the main components of time management, which is why it’s useful to keep asking yourself ‘What is my biggest priority right now?’ when working on several projects. Dave explains that the best leaders are those that are organised and know what their priorities are. If the leader is organised, this trickles down to the rest of the employees, making the whole organisation more aligned and productive.

Efficient time management means delivering a better client experience, being productive and not ‘busy’ and getting things done efficiently. We’re excited to be launching our Apex software later in the fall to help you do exactly that.

In this episode we discuss:

● Why it’s important to manage email inbox
● When to work on suspense accounts
● Task prioritization
● Being an organised leader
● The importance of being productive, not busy

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Kelly Donahue Piro

Kelly Donahue-Puro is a game changer in the insurance industry. As the Founder and President of Agency Performance Partners and Co-Founder of the sister marketing company, Agency Appeal, she’s an in-demand speaker at regional and national insurance conferences and a social media and digital marketing trailblazer. READ MORE

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