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Is Your Insurance Agency Convenient Or Will Independent Insurance Agencies End Up Like Blockbuster?

Posted on September 15, 2021 by Alex Arellano

Is Your Insurance Agency Convenient?

All this week we’re discussing how insurance agencies can unfortunately end up like Blockbuster, and what you can do to stop that from happening. Today we’re asking: is your insurance agency convenient? This is similar to yesterday’s topic, where we talked about what is important to the customer.

“Think about it, are we really, really, really driving convenience for our customer, and convenience can mean different things for different people. Do we know that, and are we meeting them at their level? Because if we aren’t, great news, go find your old Blockbuster card, we might be in that line next.”

More and more, we believe that convenience trumps price. We order things on Amazon, not because they’re necessarily the cheapest, but because it’s the most convenient process. In insurance, we believe that oftentimes, we don’t think enough about driving convenience to clients. 


Driving convenience means that we decrease the dependency on price to prove if we’re worthy or not. This also means that we should be doing renewal reviews. We should be making late payment calls, but not to frequent flyers, who should be canceled. What else do we need to do?


  • We need to determine if our office hours are convenient for people.
  • We need to look at our communication strategies, especially for working people.
  • We need to decide what is going to making buying insurance from us most convenient


The bottom line is that convenience is also about education. We need to explain things, educate our customers, and make a seamless & friction-free experience. All-too-often we’re acting without thinking about the outcome. We all need to really question if we are driving convenience for our customer, and if not, what we can do to get there.


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