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4 Insurance Time Management Strategies – 3 Minute Mashup Videos

Posted on April 23, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

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If you are an Insurance Agent 2021 stop and take a moment to watch these videos to help you become ridiculously amazing this year.


Busy In Insurance

We’re going to spend two entire weeks talking about time management strategies, because there’s one thing we hear time and time again in agencies: everyone feels so busy.

The bottom line is you can’t just go ahead and say “it’s busy, that’s not really tied to a strategy or a plan or even a fact.”

In order to combat that feeling of being inundated with work, we have tons of time management tips to help your agency be Ridiculously Amazing in 2021. This first one is common in many industries, but we don’t see it often in insurance. It’s managing the seasonality of your business.


Insurance Time Off

In preparation for our new time management course, we’re sharing a ton of valuable time management tips with you, to help your agency become Ridiculously Amazing in 2021. Today’s tip: how to handle insurance time off.

“Your customer experience is way, way too important to have any issues whatsoever, and we can’t let our customers down.”


Time Blocking In Insurance

Time blocking in insurance is a strategy that some agencies struggle with, but that others love. We think that time blocking in insurance is a critical insurance time management tool, and while it can take a little getting used to, time blocking can help your agency maximize its productivity.

“Under the idea of slow down to speed up, time blocks really, really do work, when worked correctly in an agency.”


Cell Phone Use In Insurance Agencies

This next time management tip might be a controversial one, and we know there are people out there that will say this is dated, or they don’t want to hear it. But we think it’s absolutely essential to insurance time management.

“Cell phones are a distraction, because most of us just don’t have the discipline to put it away and not look at it.”


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