Results vs. Activity – The Balancing Act

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Do you feel good when you have been busy or productive? We can all be too busy to even breathe but does that mean we are really effective? Not always.

Every agency has to have intention in the activities the team is working on.  They need to know what keeps clients and what sells new ones. The main challenge is it’s far easier to do the busy work than the hard work. Would you rather quote a new piece of business or make a renewal call or email an underwriter?  We all know the answer.

Agencies need to help the team prioritize however, team members need to step up to the plate and think about each activity as an opportunity.

Contact Us if You Are Looking To Accomplish The Following:

  • Identify where your team can pick up efficiency
  • Blast through the too busy excuse
  • Educate your team on how to prioritize their workflow
  • Understand how to optimize the agency