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What the Heck is an Insurance Agency Assessment?

Posted on December 4, 2014 by Kelly Donahue Piro

What the Heck is an Insurance Agency Assessment?

You may have seen our end of year special and be wondering what is an agency assessment. The agency assessment is a top to bottom review of your agency to find what’s working and where the areas for improvement lie! Based on our experience of working with hundreds of agencies across the country we can help you formulate best practices that work!

There are several components to an assessment:

  • Team Member Survey
  • Secret Shopper Calls
  • Management Survey
  • Agency Team Interviews
  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing Review

Over the next few weeks we will outline the details of each step!

Team Member Survey

Agency Performance Partners has designed an Agency Performance AssessmentTM for your entire team. There are over 300 questions in total. Based on your role, the
assessment is tailored to you. Therefore no one has to answer all the questions. The assessment is anonymous so your team can speak freely about their thoughts and suggestions. In order to grow we need to address challenges head on, we can’t address what we don’t know!

We then take all of the data points and can compare it to the other agencies we work with so we can tell you where you are thriving and where we need to spend some time. You receive all of the data points as a snap shot in time of your agency. This is a valuable resource to take the emotion out of agency challenges and put them into action plans!

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