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Insurance Consultant Tip: September Insurance Marketing Ideas

Posted on September 9, 2014 by Kelly Donahue Piro

nsurance Consultant Tip: September Insurance Marketing Ideas

So its September the kiddos are back to school, Summer vacations are over and now you are faced with marketing your agency. You can’t put your scary mask on yet until October for Halloween. While you want to scan through your Summer hot dog leg photos lets get focused and plan your attack for September. I have broken down your social media marketing ideas into first agency branding and second, selling insurance. Let’s go!!!

Agency Branding:

  • Taste test the pumpkin spice latte who has the best
  • Best Summer Photo contest
  • Best Back to School pictures from the kids
  • Favorite afternoon snack from the adults
  • Leaf turning sightings
  • Fun end of Summer Farmers Markets, Festivals, and Fairs
  • September Reading List
  • Highlight local businesses
  • Staff Highlight
  • 9/19 Talk Like A Pirate Day (this is not to be missed)

Selling Some Insurance

  • Are your college students dorm room items protected
  • Get on the snow plow drivers
  • Look to insure haunted houses, apple orchards etc.
  • Home Inventories
  • Cyber Liability before the holidays, remember Target right?

September can be a hard month to really get moving! Summer has ended and it’s a transition month but do not let that stop you! We want to give you the thumbs up for your great September Marketing approach!