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Q&A Insurance Tip Wednesday: Don’t Delay Your Success For Your Insurance Agency

Posted on September 10, 2014 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Q&A Insurance Tip Wednesday: Don’t Delay Your Success For Your Insurance Agency 

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Hi, it’s Kelly Donahue-Piro here from Agency Performance Partners and today I want to talk about something that I’ve been kind of inspired by lately or de-spired by depending on how you look at it.

What I’ve been finding lately is that people have a tendency of putting off their success. So everyone wants to wait for something else to happen, wait for the best time. Understand, okay well now is not a good time, what if I’m too successful. I’ve heard that a couple times this week, actually. What if this whole thing works and there’s not enough support people. Well, great problem to have if you’re selling too much that you don’t have enough support people and then we switch gears and we find those people. You can definitely run two strategies at once.

If you go back to some of my earlier videos I really recommend a strategy of constant recruitment, but the idea that you’re always going to find the best time to enact something new is impossible. It’s never the right time, it’s never the right time to do big life events like have children or get married. You can always find a reason why it’s not the best time, but the reality is, is that the best things in life happen when you just make them happen. Really what you’re saying is, by the fact that it’s not the right time, is that this is not a high priority for me. And in my business, where I help agencies perform and grow, I struggle thinking what could be more important in your agency than agency growth? What is more important than that? Now you want strategic and planned agency growth, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start the process today, work it, and work two tracks of finding the right people while also growing the agency. It’s not mutually exclusive.

So if there’s anything that’s going on in your agency that you’re delaying, that you’re putting off because you’re thinking, “Oh, how do I get it all done in a day?” I encourage you to stop, just say you know what, we’re going to run into it and figure it out, and it could be the greatest decision of your life. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Well, the worst thing that could happen is you delay some successful strategies such as working with someone like myself that help businesses grow, and you miss out on that income and that potential. Or you just run into it, figure it out and let us all work together on the details. So I just want to say the message: don’t delay on your success. There’s always going to be a reason why you can’t do something or change up your current routine, your current strategy, your current infrastructure. There’s always a reason, but what’s not a reason is that day that you’re going to make a decision. Just go for it, just literally make a decision to say I’m going to jump in and we’re going to go ahead and grow this thing and I’m going to deal with the growing pains as they come. But you can never be too planned, too prepared, when you’re growing your agency.

It’s always a little bit of chutes and ladders. You get ahead, you’ve got to go back a little bit, you get ahead, you’ve got to go back a little bit. But the whole point is you want to go ahead farther than you’re going back so you’re always winning. So if you’re delaying on anything, I recommend you just reach out and say let’s do it. Let’s just go for it, we’re coming into the end of the year, I mean the second quarter, sorry, I mean the fourth quarter is right, right at our fingertips. So there really is no better time than right now to invest in your agency and make it grow. So any questions, let’s go ahead, give me a call. I will look forward to reaching out to you, and send your questions for our next Q&A Wednesday. Talk to you soon.