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Facebook For Insurance Agencies: Your New Referral Program

Posted on October 9, 2014 by Kelly Donahue Piro


Facebook For Insurance Agencies: Your New Referral Program

I was recently speaking at a Michigan PIA event and I asked a powerful question. “Who in this room wants more referrals?” Every hand shot up. Then I said, “Great! Who in here has a referral program?” Many hands went down. Why is it that the most desirable lead type often lacks a real strategy?

I have had this chat many times across the country, the best way to generate referrals is to ask for them. When I assess agencies the #1 biggest weakness, agents feel they have is asking for referrals. So the most desired lead type is also the one hardest to get. It’s time to get smart.

When you think of referrals,1 would you rather have me tell 3 people or 1,174? Probably the later. If so let’s blow up the traditional referral program and do this instead.

Ask people who like you, to post on Facebook about their experience and tag the agency. In exchange for this send them a $5 iTunes gift card. $5=1174 people who know your client. Makes sense right?
So why don’t we do it? Well this requires the agency staff to step out of their comfort zone. On this one, the juice is worth the pain. Check out the next blog on how to motivate your team to change!