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APPX Sales: Never Ever Email Quotes

Posted on May 24, 2017 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Why do so many agents email quotes? That’s the equivalent of saying, think about it and let me know. We aren’t selling concert tickets, we are selling an incredibly complicated product that no one wants to buy. When you do this you are making your sale 100% about price. Isn’t this the exact thing we are all trying to move away from?

We conduct secret shopper calls and almost everyone emails out a quote, and most of the time they are late. That is a less than ridiculously amazing customer experience. It’s like in insurance we have completely forgotten that we are competing for the business. Quoting is being done at our leisure and we have gotten far too laid back about it.

You need a clear plan of delivering, educating and asking for the business. If you want clients that are less price sensitive and care about coverage let’s take the time at the point of sale to do our jobs. Here is a clear plan that we teach and preach during our 6 Month APPX Sales Training Program.

  • Wherever possible we quote on the phone (convenience beats price)
  • If not possible we set a time with the client to review their options (fight for a booked time, if they want the quote emailed to them explain that due to the many markets you work with you need to confirm a few more pieces of information)
  • Make the call ASAP, not 3 days later.  In the maximum of 24 hours.  The goal is the same day
  • Present the quote over the phone and sell the carrier features and policy features
  • Present the quote in monthly payments
  • Ask for the business
  • If the prospect would like the quote emailed to them, only email a custom branded agency proposal (we all know sending a carrier proposal only means that another agent can tear apart your work. Hint:  Don’t put the carrier name on the proposal)
  • Define an exact time for follow up

When you start to think about how long a quote takes you to prepare, you need to start thinking about how to drive the highest closing ratios. Get passionate about selling, when you do this you get aggressive on closing!

Interested in how APP can help you drive the highest closing ratios? We have a new APPX Sales 6 Month Training Plan. We would love to connect with you on this awesome service!

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