Agency Performance Partners

Brenton Van Hauen

Director of Client Reporting

Top 4 I follow everyday, 1. Values (Religion) 2. Family 3. Education 4. Work

Never be a victim no one is better than you, always be humble you are not better than any other person - LLVH (In short walk with people not behind them or in front of them)

Leadership is an action not a position


My Mission is to work with my team and customers to find real data solutions to help everyone achieve data driven decision making. Allow skillfully balanced organizational objectives and productive relationships, strategizing and recommending ways in which to achieve and maintain a competitive business edge. Skills as an analytical thought leader and team builder talents have supported his professional growth over the years. 


  • Over a decade of  experience in analytics and reporting.

  • With over twenty five years of experience in leadership principles.  

  • A future oriented visionary strategists with extensive experience as analytic team builders creating systems, producing complex products, and coordinating business efforts.

  • Using innovation management to understand the customer’s needs, creates solutions and takes the final raw idea into a successful product.

  • Tell stories in the form of reports, dashboards, and presentations so customers can make data driven decisions for their business.

  • Foster partnerships across business lines using analytics learning paths to solve difficult problems with effective solutions.

How do I Serve Our Clients

Working with our APP partners and clients to better understand data and how it can tell stories about the business each day to drive direction that lead to results. 

Personal Facts About Me

Married to my wonderful wife for over 17 years and have two children in almost every sport that the school offers. I am a Board Member of the Bondurant Soccer Club and work as the field director for them.

Outline of My Career

I started in restaurants and call centers as a manager where I learned a lot of conflict resolution. I wanted to become more specialized in technology, so I went into an entry level role as a tester. From a tester I taught myself SQL, HTML, and database building. Move from a tester to a Sr, tester, to an SQL engineer, to a lead engineer to manager in three years. Then worked for large corporations  building teams to create reporting and data analysis. Now I have a great opportunity to work with a smaller team at APP to build a dynamic reporting platform. This has always been one of my dreams to work with a smaller company. The chance to be  on the ground level of a growing company. 


Best Friend to Insurance Agents

In the past I have been a pro wrestler, went by the name of JD Riggs the wrestling truck driver. I enjoyed this as I was part of the mid west wrestling group that did a lot of charity work for local schools,  JDFR walk, and local festivals.

Kelly has proven time and again how her upbeat and positive attitude can inspire others. She has the knowledge and experience that encourages me to strive for greater heights!

—Barbara Partee


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