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Posted on February 13, 2023 by Camille Maraguinot

Insurance Agency Business Plan | Is Your Team Involved for Execution

What is your insurance agency business plan?

Do you have one?

Of course you do, but do you know how to execute it?

Most agency owners have a plan, but many fail when it comes to execution.

This entails having assigned tasks for your employees to complete to help retain and grow your business.

Imagine a front door and a back door.

The goal is that the front door stays wide open for people to come in, but the back door stays shut.

Closed tight.

Many agents focus on keeping the front door open and forget that the back door is open too.

Sometimes they are losing more business than what is coming in, so your growth plan must include BOTH!

We’re Agency Performance Partners; APP is your insurance agency’s best friend when it comes to training, strategies, brutal truth & tough love that’ll grow your agency with hugs & high fives along the way, just like a BFF.


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