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Insurance Rates and How To Handle Them — 4 Videos for Insurance Agents

Posted on January 29, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

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If you are an Insurance Agent 2021 looking for guidance on how to handle insurance rates stop and take a moment to watch these videos to help you become ridiculously amazing this year.

Insurance Reshopping: Do You Know Your Team’s Remarketing Closing Ratio?

Many insurance agents and brokers are fearful about talking to clients when it comes to reshopping their insurance, but it’s a necessary evil. We want to empower you with the best strategies so you can handle the dreaded rate increase conversation like the insurance pro that you are.

Insurance Rates Increased: 2 Types of Customers

No one truly loves insurance rate increases except for those in the business who are selling insurance. And, let’s face it, even insurance professionals sometimes don’t like to pay their insurance premiums. Most often than not, there’s confusion around the rate conversation because there isn’t enough education happening with the client and with consumers in general for them to understand how insurance rates work.

Insurance Service Overworked: Are You Killing Your Service Team?

You may be setting your insurance service team up for failure if your insurance agency is automatically reshopping renewal accounts. We have another tip for you here on how to reduce remarketing efforts while increasing your retention. Put your seatbelt on because this one could be a doozy.

Reduce Insurance Reshopping With A Discount List

In order to reduce insurance reshopping in your agency, be a ninja at using carrier discounts. This can be a challenge, but if you keep a list of discounts centralized for all to access, it’ll increase efficiency and streamline the remarketing process. We see so many people who are fearful about the rate conversation with clients.

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