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Posted on December 9, 2022 by Camille Maraguinot

Eliminate Hang Ups About Sales

Eliminate Hang Ups About Sales when you’re selling insurance. Implementing practical tips to build rapport could entirely.


You’re making it about price more than the actual prospect & client.

Anytime you have an interaction, it is an opportunity.

When the phone rings, it’s an opportunity.

When you drop in on someone at their place of business, it’s an opportunity; meeting someone at a networking event or even at the grocery store is an opportunity.

There are hundreds of thousands of insurance agencies in this country.

I bet if you called all of them, they would all sound the same. They would all look the same.

They would all say they have the best products, service, the quickest turnaround, or something in between. What you want to do at this time while building rapport is to separate yourself.

The only thing that separates you from the competition is YOU. You are the difference.

Why should they choose to do business with you? Why should they stay on the phone with you instead of calling five other people? You have the opportunity to tell them that right now.

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