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Agent of the Month: Hillary Palmberg at Paradiso Insurance

Posted on February 5, 2017 by Kelly Donahue Piro

ll too often agencies struggle to find the best talent and sometimes you have to build the best. This is the case of Hillary Palmberg, VP of Personal Lines at Paradiso Insurance. Hillary came to the agency for a job while she was finishing culinary school. After a brief break to start her own bakery, Hillary realized her true calling was to be in insurance.  (Although I’m sure everyone enjoys her baked goods!)

Not even 30  years old, Hillary runs the personal lines team at Paradiso Insurance. This includes 2 Whave employees, 1 account manager and 2 support people. Hillary is the main producer on all new inbound business and she sees that the producers quotes get handled in a timely fashion. Currently the team sells between 40-60 new personal lines policies each month. With Hillary’s great leadership the team has been up to some great stuff:

  • Onboarding 2 new Whave Employees
  • Changing from QQ Evolution to AMS360
  • Joining Renaissance Alliance
  • Calling every personal lines client each year at renewal
  • Sending new business, lost business and claims surveys
  • Calling late payments
  • Following up and calling all claims
  • Changing marketing systems
  • Maintaining retention at 93%
  • Closing ratios maintained at +50%

Way to go Hillary in leading the troops to success all while maintaining an amazing attitude! You can also read our Paradiso Insurance case study for more details!