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Posted on March 6, 2023 by Camille Maraguinot

6 Steps to Implement a Remarketing Strategy

There will always be rate increases in our industry. We cannot control those, they are controlled by the carriers and the Department of Insurance, but we can be proactive and smart in handling them. 

Your Insurance Remarketing Strategy MUST be a strategic or proactive plan. When it is a reactive plan, you can bet on losing clients. 

One solution is outbound renewal review calls and being proactive.

Proactive Insurance Remarketing Plan

Step 1: Pull a RENEWAL LIST 

Step 2: Determine how far out in advance you will contact your clients (and yes, we mean ALL of your clients).

Step 3: Determine how you will distribute the calls per agent and how many outbound renewal calls they need to do a day.

Step 4: Make a script (examples at the bottom of our weekly blog post).

APP has a checklist* (determine actions and conversations, have all the staff do them the same) 

*HINT: APP has a great checklist that can be edited to your agency’s standards.

Step 5: Start Calls.

Step 6: Meet with staff to discuss how they are going, wins and lessons and what they can do better, and how your agency can improve the process.

Have no fear APP is here to help you identify how to run an insurance agency to have your agency serve you, your team, and your family.

We’re Agency Performance Partners; APP is your insurance agency’s best friend when it comes to training, strategies, brutal truth & tough love that’ll grow your agency with hugs & high fives along the way, just like a BFF.


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