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David Siekman

Performance Consultant

David A. Siekman is the Performance Consultant for Agency Performance Partners. He works with insurance agencies to drive performance using our proven strategies. David’s career in the insurance industry began in 1999 as a customer service representative before he worked his way up through the operations side of the business. Before joining the team, he was the Executive Vice President at Cochrane and Porter Insurance Agency and increased agent commissions 25 percent in less than two years. Prior to this he was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Encharter Insurance where he increased new business sales from 90 policies per month to 250 policies per month over a 5 year period. Both agencies contracted with Agency Performance Partners to help achieve these impressive increases. Having held a number of varied positions inside of multiple insurance agencies has given him a unique perspective that our clients can greatly benefit from. David lives in Massachusetts with his wife and three beautiful children. He enjoys watching football and baseball, and when he’s not partnering with insurance agents to help them succeed, you can probably find him on the field coaching youth sports. You can contact David at or 401-332-8904.



Increased sales


Approaching 20 years of insurance experience


Drove retention and new business 18 consecutive months