Case Studies

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Paradiso Insurance

Process, Procedure Changes Drive Better Service, Improved Staff Morale

  • 73% Account Manager Staff Retention
  • 24% Payroll Reduction
  • 36% Remarketing Activities Decrease
  • 28% Profitability Increase
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Hartman Ellis

Managing 4 children and consistently hitting new business goals.

  • 41% up in APPs after 3 months
  • 42% up in Premiums after 3 months
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Sheets Forrest Draper

Getting the team to be efficient and effective at retention and cross selling.

  • 92.3% Retention time
  • $3,200 Averaging
  • $170,000 Net cancellations decreased
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Moving from a declining Personal Lines book to a growing and thriving department.

  • 85.88% Account rounding closing ratio
  • 80% Remarketing Closing Ratio
  • $15,007 New business premium VS Lost business
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Michigan PIA Un-Convention

The time is now to invest in marketing to defend and grow your book.

  • Interest Generation
  • Sales Processes
  • Retention
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Preferred Insurance

Even unstoppable teams have problems

  • Assessed the Situation
  • The Positive Attitude Challenge
  • Change Management Strategy
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Clevenger Insurance

Needed a system in place to foster growth and the best customer experience.

  • 100% of renewal calls were made weekly
  • 60% of calls lead to contact with clients
  • 39% of contacts lead to an increase in coverage or account round
  • Retention increase in 5 mouths