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ABOUT Noreen

Noreen Johnson

Chief Connection Officer

Noreen Johnson’s mission is to work with innovative, goal-oriented, driven companies and organizations whose eye is on the prize – the prize that is growth, expansion and overall brand awareness – from digital technology to real estate and everywhere in between. Her career includes the execution of marketing campaigns, events and promotions leading up to lead generation. From there she has architected teams for lead conversion and sales appointment setting to create opportunities that close in the first meeting. Digital, Email, Print, Phone, Voice Mail, Search Engine Marketing & Optimization, Virtual Office Website design and Multi-media marketing messaging are a few of the tools Noreen has used to help companies grow from 2 to 145 million in 5 years.

In addition to marketing, Noreen has overseen the operation of multiple entities at once. These include Real Estate, Musicians, Film, Personal Assisting the Company President, Event Planning, Office Management and more. From Florida to Philadelphia, Noreen has been responsible for finding and creating teams to oversee real estate projects and conventions within extremely short time allowances.
Noreen’s incredible education stems from the multiple roles she has held in her career and there is no question that she was able to succeed in multiple positions at once because of her organizational, communicative, sharpminded & super-focused mindset and work ethic, without which she would not have been as successful in the growth of each of the companies and organizations she has served.