Agency Performance Partners Team

Our first year was awesome! So awesome we’ve started to grow and make some additions to our team.

Below you can find the folks involved in keeping Agency Performance Partners going!


Kelly Donahue-Piro


Agency Performance Partners founder Kelly Donahue-Piro has helped hundreds of insurance agencies boost revenues, profits and efficiency.


Tony Scarnechia

Agency Consultant

Agency Performance Consultant Tony Scarnechia helps insurance agencies uncover and act on marketing, sales and leadership improvement opportunities.


Deanna Hotham

Executive Assistant

As Agency Performance Partners’ Organizational Ninja, Deanna takes the day to day tasks and administrative details out of the hands of Kelly so she can navigate thru her day doing what she does best.


Emily Brochu

Creative Director

As Agency Performance Partners’ creative genius, Emily’s days are spent defending the APP brand and making sure the visual aesthetic is consistent.


Jarrod Pimentel

Database Engineer

As Agency Performance Partners’ Database Engineer, Jarrod ensures agency management system data is being organized and transformed into readable statistics.

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