MA Work Force Training Grant Approved

for APPX Sales & Retention

Looking For Ridiculously Amazing Sales and Retention for Your Massachusetts Team at 50% off?

Great news!  Agency Performance Partners has two training programs that have been approved in Massachusetts for the Workforce Training Fund Express Program administered by Commonwealth Corporation which reimburses businesses to fund training for employees.  They will reimburse 50% of the total cost of our 6 month training programs, AppX Sales and AppX Retention.  This is a great merge of our ridiculously amazing training programs with a great state program focused on helping small businesses.

Learn More:

Approved Work Force Grant Programs

AppX Sales (6 Month Sales Training Program for the Team)

AppX Retention (6 Month Program to Get Proactive On Renewal Calls)

How it Works

The Express Program is for businesses of less than 100 employees with a $30,000 limit for the business and $3,000 per employee per calendar year.  There are 8 simple steps to apply, obtain approval, and get reimbursed for the program. It is extremely important that you follow the steps in order and pay particular attention to the timing of each event.

The full process can be found here.  In short, you must apply with the appropriate documentation then contract with the vendor and set up the first training date.  After 3-4 weeks, the administrator will contact you to obtain your training date and get you the Express Program Agreement. The training cannot start until this agreement has been received.

Because our programs have some prep work before we come onsite, we have been suggesting that our clients sign up for the training program at the same time they apply for the grant.  This prevents wasted time without falling outside of the plan’s guidelines.

After the training you submit a Reimbursement Request, copy of the invoice and proof of payment.  Within 30 days, you will receive a check for 50% of the total cost spent.

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