Appx Leadership Experience

As you grow your agency, developing new leaders is mission critical. In insurance licensing school, it’s likely that no one ever taught you how to be a leader, right? You probably learned the agency business disciplines from your parents or a mentor and, if you were lucky, they modeled leadership. This type of long-term development plan is a relic of the past – today's dynamic, fast-paced insurance climate demands that management training adopt a more purposeful, planned and accelerated approach.

You might have emerging talent in your current team; you might be thinking of a potential new hire; or you might have a daughter or a son that you are hoping will one day take over the business. Do you have a specific agency management training program in place to develop your up-and-coming leaders?

Our AppX Leadership Training can help. This tailored 6-month program is specifically geared to emerging leaders. Investment in developing key staff in leadership and management yields tremendous dividends by maximizing efficacy and minimizing mistakes.

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  • Two Onsite Training Days
  • Designed Content
  • Interactive Session
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  • Bi-Weekly Metrics to Show Results
  • Review of metrics with your team
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  • Scripts
  • Role Playing
  • Worksheet
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  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Workbook
  • Plan of Attack

Our training is tailored to your specific needs and typically includes:

  • Leadership assessment
  • Coaching, both telephonic and in-person
  • Skills development in running agencies and departments
  • Training in team management, goal setting, job descriptions, incentive plans
  • Building strategic business plans
  • Understanding and working with tracking and accountability metrics
  • Principles of team leadership


Learn more about our AppX Leadership and how it has transformed agencies just like you. If you are concerned about team buy in, leave it to us. We are experts on rallying the troops and getting everyone on board.