5 Step Performance Strategy

Agency Performance Partners has created a 5 Step Performance Strategy™ to evaluate your agency’s opportunities. This insurance strategy sees your agency from diagnosis through execution to ensure your top challenges are tackled. From start to finish our insurance agency consultants partner with you in your success.


Step One

Agency Performance Assessment™

Your performance assessment gathers information from a proprietary virtual survey that obtains feedback from ownership and team members on your agency’s opportunities. We then come onsite and interview your team to earn their buy in on change as well as understand their critical feedback. Next, we review critical reports and conduct secret shopper calls to match facts with personnel contributions. Finally we create our written Agency Performance AssessmentTM and deliver our findings to your agency.


Step Two

Agency Performance Map™

Upon completing your assessment, our insurance agency consultants start working on your performance map. This map outlines your agency’s strategy for success. As we proceed together your map will be updated to show your progress in tackling the activities we know drive growth.


Step Three

Agency Performance Plan™

The performance map takes the strategy and starts organizing the execution. We will identify responsibility, timelines and set goals. We can clearly report back where we stand and the results we are driving from these activities.


Step Four

Agency Performance Partner™

Once the plan is set into place we partner with you as your accountability partner. During this phase we become your agency’s personal trainer to review the metrics and hold your team accountable to executing the map and plan on time and with the desired outcomes.


Step Five

Agency Performance Training™

As your agency starts evolving there becomes the need to train your team world class processes. Agency Performance Partners works with your team on training and applying the best practices to drive home the results.

If you know your agency is ready to take it to the next level schedule your agency assessment today!