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What’s the cost for Agency Performance Partner programs?

See our pricing page for up-to-date pricing. When reviewing pricing, we encourage you to view costs with an ROI-perspective. Most of our participating agencies experience increased sales and improved retention within a matter of months. That’s why we break most of our fees into monthly payments, so that your return on investment quickly helps pay for the programs.

Are there discounts available?

We occasionally run program specials or incentives. We also encourage you to explore our Combine & Save options, which offers reduced pricing for purchasing multiple programs. Check with your Performance Consultant to explore options and see if there are discounts that you may qualify for.

If you are a Massachusetts-based agency, don’t miss your opportunity to save 50% on AppX Sales Training and AppX Retention Training through the state’s Workforce Training Fund Express Program.

What does AppX mean?

AppX (pronounced App-ex) is the name we give to specific programs that we offer. The name is coined from an acronym of our name, Agency Performance Partners, and the word experience. AppX programs are a series of 6- to 12-month immersion programs designed to create a true sales and service culture. The programs go beyond mere scripting or training – they reshape the agency culture that your team and your clients experience.

Do you have programs for small agencies?

Yes! Our programs are tailored for agencies of all sizes. Check out our case studies, which include some agencies with as few as 4 team members.

Who pays travel expenses?

The client pays travel for expenses (mileage, flights, accommodations, transportation and meals). Our consultants are respectful of your budget, always flying coach and staying in moderately priced hotels. We welcome client recommendations or client-provided transportation to help defray expenses.

Are trainings virtual or in person?

We strongly believe in the value of on-site training to launch a new relationship. The in-person experience helps us get to know your team and vice versa, a key step in ensuring that you get the results you deserve. Once programs are launched and relationships forged, we combine the convenience and accessibility of virtual video training with the hands-on attention of in-person training

Are programs sustainable after the training has been completed?

Absolutely. Our programs extend over 6- to 12-months to ensure that strategies “take” and become second nature for your team. We also have retainer programs that might benefit your agency and ensure your ongoing progress. We also offer periodic refresher training days or workshops and leadership training programs for new or newly promoted team leaders. Talk to your Performance Consultant about what makes sense for your agency.

I have a Team Leader or Manager that I’d like to see do more. Is there a leadership component to the training?

Yes! In launching a new program, we work directly with the team leader to get buy-in and maximize results. When we run our kick-off call, we make it apparent that the team leader is integral to the program’s success, and we work to build a relationship that will help them reach a new level of leadership

Who does the training sessions?

One of our trained Performance Consultants will conduct the training. Generally, it will be the same consultant who is walking you through our sales and kick-off process.

Are your programs for personal lines or commercial lines?

Both! Our programs work to grow small- to medium-sized commercial lines and personal lines agency books. We also have custom packages for larger commercial programs.

What is your billing structure?

Check out our pricing page for more details.

Can you help me establish or fix current procedures?

Yes, we can! If this is a key goal, we recommend that you begin with an Agency Assessment, which will help us to identify people and processes in your agency and focus on the best possible use of your resources.

Can you help with job descriptions and compensation plans?

Absolutely. Because we believe that the best performance starts with the right expectations, job descriptions are an integral part of all our programs.

Do you help with incentive programs?

Yes. We can help your agency build an effective sales incentive program designed to get the best results.

Can you help us with metrics?

Yes! Working with metrics is a vital component of what we do, and we won’t work with any agency that doesn’t share this commitment. There are key metrics every agency needs to measure to have a baseline for continued growth and improvements. We want to be certain you see your ROI so we focus on using the best available resources to help your team thrive.

If we build a website through you, who owns it?

You do. We understand that it’s common practice to charge monthly fees for websites, almost a leasing arrangement. We charge an upfront web development fee and then you own the site. There are no contracts or monthly fees. If you were to stop working with us, the website is yours.

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