How to Convert Inbound Calls into Opportunity With Out Feeling Like a Slimy Sales Person

How to Convert Inbound Service Calls into Opportunity (Without Feeling Like a Slimy Salesperson)

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Move From

A team that is taking service transactions

A team that sees opportunity to educate clients, improve their day and grow the agency.

What's Inside the Course?

In this course we show your team how to see, approach and convert inbound service calls into opportunity without feeling like a slimy sales person!

Why Agencies Need Opportunity

Learn how important it is to show your value

Why We Struggle

We address the common reasons this is a hurdle

How We Prevail

We review 6 types of inbound insurance agency calls and include scripts

When to Generate Opportunity

We review our tasks per day model

Types of Opportunity

Learn about creating new demand and winning existing policy

Overcoming Adversity

How to embrace objection and convert it to knowledge


What's in it for you to work with a growing agency?

Role Play

We break down 5 common scenarios

Bonus 1
Manager Section

How to launch and succeed

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