APPX Retention

When customers tell you they are satisfied with your agency, there’s no statistical correlation that they will stay.  Only 13% of your book of business is truly loyal.  We all think people leave on price, but there is always another reason.

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Bland Branding

We hope you embrace the idea of building a strong agency brand and turning your team into brand ambassadors. Should you need any branding assistance please contact us and we are happy to assist!

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Ridiculously Amazing Sales Process

44% of sales people give up after 1 follow up and 80% of sales require 5 follow ups.   Knowing this statistic, what do we need to do to overcome it? The answer is spend time sharpening your sales prowess through training and execution. We will explore the best strategies for prospecting, vetting a deal, account rounding at the point of sale and asking for the business. In addition, we will work through how to combine marketing, referrals and a personal brand into your very own ridiculously amazing sales process. Everyone has to buy insurance and this process will show you how to get them to buy it from you!
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