Case Studies


Paradiso Insurance

Process, Procedure Changes Drive Better Service, Improved Staff Morale

73% Account Manager Staff Retention

24% Payroll Reduction

36% Remarketing Activities Decrease

28% Profitability Increase

group photo of Hartman Ellis

Hartman Ellis

Managing 4 children and consistently hitting new business goals.

41% up in APPs after 3 months

42% up in Premiums after 3 months


Sheets Forrest Draper

Getting the team to be efficient and effective at retention and cross selling.

92.3% Retention time

$3,200 Averaging

$170,000 Net cancelations decreased

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Moving from a declining Personal Lines book to a growing and thriving department.

85.88% Account rounding closing ratio

80% Remarketing Closing Ratio

$15,007 New business premium VS Lost business


Michigan PIA Un-Convention

The time is now to invest in marketing to defend and grow your book.

Interest Generation

Sales Processes



Preferred Insurance

Even unstoppable teams have problems

Assessed the Situation

The Positive Attitude Challenge

Change Management Strategy


Clevenger Insurance

Needed a system in place to foster growth and the best customer experience.

100% of renewal calls were made weekly

60% of calls lead to contact with clients

39% of contacts lead to an increase in coverage or account round

Retention increase in 5 mouths