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Ridiculously Amazing Podcast – May 2020 The Best Ways to Market and Sell During the Coronavirus Outbreak

In this episode, Kelly talks about the best ways to market and sell during the coronavirus outbreak. While change is planned, adapting means there isn’t a choice, and that won’t always be easy.


She begins by discussing the uphill battle that agencies face when trying to market for the first time in the current climate. While difficult, she sees this as an opportunity to pay it forward and become the voice of your community in a unique way. By using technology to interview healthcare workers and local businesses, agencies can create awareness, and magnify important needs to those who can meet them.


Kelly then differentiates between the goals of immediate and long-term marketing, emphasizing the importance and role of current customers. As branding and awareness become more effective over time, she sees essential tools and best practices that agencies can use for good will and lead generation.


Top of the Funnel Ways to Start Marketing

  • Build an email list to keep customers informed of your products and actions.
  • Be active on Zoom Meeting and YouTube, asking ‘how can I help’ with a local perspective.


Three Strategies to Generate a Lead Tomorrow

  • Dig into the monoline book and help people save money by cross-selling products.
  • Reintroduce the concept of life insurance while the issue is front and center.
  • Refine your referral pitch and make it more intentional and relationship-based.


When discussing sales, Kelly encourages creativity and reaching out to different niches impacted by the virus. On the commercial side, she predicts that it’s going to turn into the ‘wild west’ with audits left and right, and people wanting to save money. As a result, she feels that interactions must be authentic, and that genuine concern will be remembered.


Sales Strategies in a Coronavirus World

  • Use video software like Loom to start a dialogue through tasteful and personalized content
  • Defend your accounts and solidify relationships by offering help, not applying pressure


After acknowledging that different states will have different curves, Kelly reaffirms that we’re in this together and that how you help is key. The insurance business is essential, and this is a unique chance to grow and thrive like never before.

Feel free to contact Kelly with questions.

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