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Cross-Selling Insurance Plan ― LEE: Educate

Posted on July 20, 2021 by Alex Arellano

Cross-Selling Insurance Plan

We’re talking all about how to create a masterful cross-selling insurance plan at your agency, and yesterday we introduced our acronym LEE. LEE stands for look, educate, and encourage, and we’re now onto our middle letter E, which stands for educate.

“It’s not sell – we want to move into cross-education versus cross sales, because when a client is educated, there literally are no downsides.”

When you’re coming up with a cross-selling insurance plan and you’re speaking with a customer, you really shouldn’t think of these discussions as an opportunity to cross-sell. Instead, you should think of them as an opportunity to cross-educate. Here is why education is incredibly important, especially when it comes to cross-selling:


The client knows more

All-in-all, everyone is better off when clients are more educated. When you strike at an opportunity for cross-selling, the client walks away knowing more than they did before. They’ll know your agency provides this service and will have rough costs, and they’ll be grateful you told them something they didn’t understand before.


Even a “no” moves the ball forward

Even if you’re met with a “no” when trying to cross-sell, there’s still good news, because you still moved the needle. Now that your client has that information, they can think about it, and might come back around to it next time they call in. Not everyone will be an immediate yes, but that knowledge will sit with them for the long run.


You have the opportunity to “hook” them

When you look at cross-selling as cross-educating, it turns into a great opportunity to hook your client. You can tell a compelling story about umbrella coverage, and explain coverage without using technical terms and insurance lingo. When you dive deep into the reality of why coverage is important, you’ll start to hook your clients and be more successful at cross-selling.


When you look at cross-selling as cross-educating, you’ll see that there are really no downsides to this process. That’s because when a client is more educated, everyone wins.


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