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Ask Dave: What Should I Include In My Welcome Kit To New Clients?

One of my favorite things to help clients with as part of their New Client Onboarding Process is the Welcome Kit. The overall process can include really cool automation and new technology. The Welcome Kit aims to bring people back to a time when getting an unexpected package or envelope in the mail brought out a little excitement. Today most people get a lot delivered through Amazon or other services but these are typically expected. Getting that box or envelope not knowing what is inside can be a great experience with those positive thoughts being tied back to your agency.

This is also a great way for us to send collateral or information along with some strong branding components to make sure they remember us. This helps to instill a “Call Us First” mentality which is the best way to improve retention, account round accounts, drive referrals and overall improve the relationship that we have with our clients.


The first step is to understand that the Welcome Kit is going to be different for everyone. Your clients, your brand, your budget, your location and more can influence what you want to send out. I’ve seen many agents use boxes from the post office, but you can also get customized boxes printed. These can just have your logo or can use patterns and graphic elements from your Brand Guide (Google: Custom Mailing Boxes). I’ve also seen agents use the priority mail or even plain envelopes.

To determine your cost, start a list of everything associated with the mail. The packaging and mailing costs are going to end up driving a significant amount of your cost, so I’d suggest starting there when you are looking at your box. If you know your average clients per month, you can multiply it by the cost per mailing (package, postage, and contents) and get a monthly spend. If this is outside of your budget, look at a smaller box or go to an envelope.


When looking at the contents of the box, I break it down into branding and informational. Branding can be for both the agency or the carrier or co-branded. The information provided can be anything from content information, aspects of their policy, or other products you sell.

This is just a list of items I’ve seen agents use. I’m not suggesting these are right for everyone or that all of these are necessary.


Welcome Letter – A welcome letter with a sincere thank you message from the owner (or principal or department head depending on your setup).
Thank you card – From the person that sold that policy
Referral request with business cards
Agency logoed items (tee-shirts, wireless mouse, car air fresheners, etc.)
Google: Low cost logoed items for ideas
Carrier logoed items

Informational (some of this crosses into branding too!)
Contact information sheet (or magnet) – Who to call with questions, claim number
Sales sheet showing all products
Informational sheet on policies they purchased

If all of this seems like overkill, I always recommend that there is something mailed out even if it is a simple thank you letter. Although I’d add a referral request and a few business cards as well!

What do you have in your Welcome Kit? What has worked for your agency that didn’t make my list?

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