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3 Reasons Insurance Agencies Don’t Have Job Descriptions

Posted on April 8, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

3 Reasons Insurance Agencies Do Not Have Job Descriptions

All this week we’re really honing in on the importance of insurance agency job descriptions. We’re really hitting this subject hard because we feel that having excellent job descriptions is central to having a well-run agency, and for setting clear expectations in the workplace.

It’s organization, it’s accountability, it’s a true starting point

If your agency doesn’t have job descriptions, or has very outdated and ineffective job descriptions, you’re definitely not alone. Here are 3 reasons why insurance agencies don’t have job descriptions:


  • They don’t know what to include

Sometimes, when leaders sit down to finally write job descriptions, they realize they don’t actually know what to include. They stare at a blank piece of paper and think, “Where do I begin? What does everybody do?” This can be an overwhelming step, and a big barrier to actually creating great job descriptions.


  • Some people have never had a job description

Many insurance agencies are family run businesses, and leaders at these agencies have been in insurance for decades. They never actually had job descriptions themselves, and likely don’t know what an insurance agency job description should even look like. Or, some agency professionals may have come from the captive side, and then went independent, and now realize they don’t have a huge HR team that specializes in job descriptions to help.


  • People feel like they’re “too busy”

Agency leaders may have the best intentions in the world, and may fully plan on creating job descriptions, but it’s something that tends to be low priority. So when they get busy with a new client, with a networking meeting, and putting out the usual fires, creating job descriptions can fall on the backburner.


Insurance agency job descriptions are so important because they’re key to organization, accountability, and a true starting point for success. If you find yourself in one of these three categories for why your agency doesn’t have robust job descriptions, you would definitely benefit from our Agency Process Pack, where we give you job description templates, which are ready for use.


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