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A company's values shape the organization's vision, culture and ways of doing business. To help you learn more about Agency Performance Partners, read about what we believe in, the commitment that we make to you and the commitment we ask from our agency partners in return.

Our mission

Agency Performance Partners teams with insurance entrepreneurs who dream of taking their business to the next level and beyond. This requires a passion for performance: relentlessly pursuing excellence in world-class sales and service strategies.

Our approach

Assess the agency, set the strategy and execute the results as partners in success.

Our values

Respect. Honesty. Integrity. Innovation. Service. Positivity. Growth. Kindness. Fun. Giving back.

Our commitment to you. We will:

  • Work tirelessly to maximize your team’s potential
  • Drive the outcome and solutions to hit your desired goals
  • Inspire, motivate, empower, teach and challenge
  • Deliver superlative, responsive service
  • Return all communications within 24 hours
  • Use all methods of communication, as often as necessary
  • Do what we say we’ll do and deliver what we say we’ll deliver
  • Treat your business like it’s our business
  • Act with integrity in matters large and small
  • Bring any concerns to you quickly and efficiently
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Earn your total trust and satisfaction

Our shared commitment

  • Be partners in agency growth
  • Work together as one team to achieve our goals
  • Focus on outcomes, not tasks
  • Be driven by solutions rather than problems
  • Put principles over personalities
  • Practice positivity and enthusiasm
  • Be honest in all things, even when it’s uncomfortable
  • Own mistakes and take responsibility

Be better.

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